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This is a new website, with an old name that many who lived near Shaker Square years ago will remember well.

Friends of Shaker Square
(FOSS) was founded by concerned citizens in 1976, to promote and support Shaker Square. For 24 years it helped make Shaker Square a livelier and safer place, organizing events that brought people to the Square, publishing a newspaper, and improving security. At its peak, Friends of Shaker Square had more than 1,200 members.

In 2000 Friends of Shaker Square became  the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation (SHAD), the community development corporation for a much larger area. There was no longer a civic organization whose focus was the Square.

Now, as when the Coral Company bought it in 2004,  Shaker Square is in financial distress. Two non-profit organizations are working with the city of Cleveland to create a re-envisioned and stronger Shaker Square.

This independent website will help inform today's friends of Shaker Square.

Arnold Berger    December, 2021
Since 2004, volunteer webmaster of

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