Friends of Shaker Square

About This Site

On December 14, 2011 The Connection, the quarterly newspaper of the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation, published a report that a merger with the Buckeye Area Development Corporation was a real possibility.

That night I registered the domain name It is the old and respected name of the organization founded in 1976 by concerned citizens who lived around the Square and in the nearby parts of Shaker Heights. FOSS would become SHAD -  the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation.

What better way to document some of the history of Friends of Shaker Square and its successor, the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation.

The boards of the two organizations voted to merge on January 23, 2012.

If the members of SHAD approve the agreement, for the first time since 1976 our Shaker Square area will be without an organization focused on its unique needs for preservation and promotion. The SHAD area would have a minority representation on the board

The two directions of this website

  • Presenting the past
    We will gather and publish archival materials on the accomplishments of FOSS and SHAD

  • Strengthening the community
    Should supporters of Shaker Square decide to operate informally or to organize a support group for the Square, this website will be offered to them. Should they accept, then they will guide the non-historical aspects of these pages.

At the special meeting of February 25th, SHAD members rejected the proposal.  more ....

Arnie Berger           Arnie [at] shakersquare [dot] net

February 23, 2012

Our cover picture is of the RTA's sign at the Shaker Square rapid stop. From Wikipedia.

As of January 3. 2013

Amazingly SHAD has survived and adapted. The Connection has recently resumed publication.  We'll be reporting more after their annual meeting the evening of Thursday January 10, 2013.