The Legacy of Shaker Square 

A bright future with a rich past

Shaker Square, an early suburban shopping center built between 1927-29, is the oldest shopping destination in the state of Ohio and the second oldest in the United States. The Square offers a vital place for residents to gather, shop, dine, and work. 

Over the decades, this historic district has evolved and transformed with the changing times. A new transformation lies ahead, one that will restore and protect Shaker Square for future generations. 

In August of 2022, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, its real estate subsidiary New Village Corp., and Burten Bell Carr Development purchased Shaker Square. This partnership of non-profits is designed to ensure the future of this beloved Cleveland destination as one of promise and vibrancy. 

Property stabilization is actively underway, performing comprehensive capital needs assessments to execute greatly needed repairs and enhancements to the property. 

As a part of a three- to five-year plan, the ownership team is dedicated to a thoughtful search for long-term local ownership that will focus on full-scale redevelopment, ensuring the ongoing success and prosperity of Shaker Square. 

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Shaker Square is an anchor in our history, lives, and hearts.

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